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Thank You, and May God Bless You as You Consider Supporting Us

Once our School became independent of the local church, we assumed significant costs that we previously shared with our parish.  As we invested in starting a new school with new programmatic offerings, we accrued many bills, such as a new roof for the school building, replacement of the old carpeting throughout, and new educational supplies for our three large classrooms.  The vow of poverty we have taken as nuns means that we subsist on very little and make due with as few material possessions as we need to survive.  For this reason, ours is truly a non-profit enterprise, as we work simply to fulfill our educational mission and not to achieve financial gain.

We humbly request your generosity as we teach our students not just academics, but the values of love and charity.  Since we opened as a new school, we have significantly increased our enrollment.   An investment in our enterprise will be magnified throughout our local community, which we hope to improve one unit at a time as we work with our children and their families, counselling them on the social values of kindness, patience, self-respect, and generosity to others.  Hailing as we do from Nigeria, we are acutely aware of how the strength of a given community is dependent not on its material wealth, but on the moral health of its constituents.

As a licensed school facility, we are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) Organization (EIN: 83-0583662), and so any contributions you make will be tax deductible.  We welcome any contribution payable to Sacred Heart of Jesus Daycare-Preschool-Kindergarten.

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